Campus Highlights - Shriram Grand City
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Campus Highlights

Your second childhood is as important as your first.


Both first and second childhoods are taken good care of at Shriram Grand City. While the playground for children has special rubber matting for safety, the plaza for the senior citizens has walkways with seats and hand railings that ensure a little more comfort to the elders.

Every game deserves a fair playing field.


You never know which way the wind blows. Precisely why, the shuttle and the multi-purpose courts are positioned over the camouflaged car park, in a wind neutral area. The zone for camp fires, picnic points, mazes and seating by the lily pool add to the beauty and serenity of the environment.

The hunt for the perfect car park stops here.


There is enough space designated for car parking. Some of you will notice it only if you look closely because the central green landscape blends seamlessly into the camouflaged car parks that add another band of green to it.

Picture a bustling bazaar, without the chaos.


Why should wanting something mean pushing people around or shouting? A row of shops along one end of the township recreates the magic of shopping, without the hassles. An equal delight for all carnivores and herbivores – it’s all here ! Right beside are wonderful eateries, cafes, electronic outlets and the rest.


Though easily accessed by outsiders and residents, the design plan and the security system ensure that strangers cannot go beyond the shopping arcade.