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There is something very stirring and vivid as the sun rises in the distant horizon of the Hooghly river on the eastern peripheries. The breaking of a brand new day that brings promise, light and love, to add to the magic of gentle breeze. Paradise regained in Uttarpara!

Uttam Uttarpara

Uttarpara, a grand chapter in Bengal's history. Uttarpara, once a beacon of modernity with its town-planning. Uttarpara, once renowned for the first English school, its hospitals and libraries. Uttarpara, always the pride of its people. Uttarpara will lead the renaissance

With Shriram Grand City.

The Shriram Group was founded four and a half decades ago by Padma Bhushan Shri R Thyagarajan. Today, it has 17 businesses, 8 million customers and 2400 networked offices where 45,000 happy employees ensure that its customers have no reason to complain.
It all began with a vision to create value defined by a 'People First Philosophy'. A guiding stone for every business that it has embarked upon, including Shriram Properties, a part of this multifaceted transnational. After a successful run since 1995 in South India, Shriram Properties enters West Bengal with Shriram Grand City. A project with a lot of smart features across a land extent of around 386 acres. This project will transform the way Uttarpara will work, live and play!

Parallel to the River Hooghly and the Grand Trunk Road, Shriram Grand City is easily accessed from Uttarpara and Konnagar stations.
Currently the project can be approached from T.N. Mukherjee Road from the south and Naity Road from the north. A dedicated 4-lane road (expandable to 6 lanes) of approximately 3 km from Delhi Road is underway. This will provide unrestricted access to the project. Approximate distances (by road):

Netaji Subash Chandra

International Airport: 14.8 km

Howrah Station: 12 km

Rajarhat/New Town: 18.5 km

Salt Lake Sector V: 27.7 km

Park Street: 16.5 km

Approximate distances (by train) from Howrah Station:

Uttarpara: 9.7 km

Hind Motor: 11.5 km

Konnagar: 13.3 km

Welcome to Shriram Grand City. A city that recreates the magic of life and living. With living spaces that go beyond being smart. A city designed for a better life, right here in Uttarpara to cater to each and every aspiration and emotional requirement of its residents.

Real smart begins with being really thoughtful.
Grand Smartness
Shriram Grand City, a city that's smart and beyond, brings world-class healthcare, education, entertainment and sports facilities within handshaking distance. Giving you the much needed break from rushing around madly.
Grand Settings The integrated township offers a complete housing opportunity set amidst a liberal sprinkling of waterbodies and greenery which are maintained with the help of smart sanitation, solid-waste management and recycling systems. Planned open spaces and walkable localities powered by solar energy make it smarter. Grand Connections Easy connectivity by road and rail, around and within the township, makes travelling effortless. Transportation that takes you to your doorstep just adds to its smart quotient.
This and many more smart features are awaiting you at Shriram Grand City.

Grand One
The first phase of Shriram Grand City, Grand One is residential. Each unit has a clear view of the central greens. Some have an additional view of a bolt of blue running through the property.
A majority of the apartments are open on three sides and some, on four to let the southern winds in. Common to all of them are a multifacility clubhouse, an open air theatre, a beautifully sculpted central green with nature trails, gurgling brooks flowing under timber bridges, walkways, skating rinks, play areas, plazas, 24X7 security and more - features providing smart solutions for all the challenges you face in a regular city.

A: Cluster 1
B: Cluster 2
C: Cluster 3
D: Cluster 4 with Neighbourhood
Convenient Shops
E: Cluster 5
F: Cluster 6
G: Cluster 7
H: Cluster 8 with clubhouse

Number of Parking Spaces earmarked
for the usage of Residents: 1761.

A green carpet
for a grand welcome.

A seamless carpet in every shade of green will soothe your eyes. The vast central greens, flanked by the towers of Grand One, has been sculpted to create zones for different age groups and interests.
Follow the blue jay on one of your nature trails to discover what we mean. Or simply look out of the window.

Your second
is as important
as your first.

Both first and second childhoods are taken good care of at Shriram Grand City. While the playground for children has special rubber matting to protect tender skin, the plaza for senior citizens has walkways with seats and hand railings that ensure a little more comfort.

For those on
a quest for a richer
there's a clubhouse.

You no longer have to go out of your way to enrich your body, mind and soul. The extravagant double storied clubhouse overlooking the central greens includes a yoga room, a gymnasium, multipurpose room, home theatre, library and games room, to name a few.
Your quest for the perfect figure might be watched by birds at the window!

Private parties should
remain private.

A grand banquet hall with an entrance that is completely separate from the clubhouse ensures complete privacy. Attached to it are guest rooms, a party lawn and a kitchen.

A lot of ideas
will float around.
Let them sink in.

Endless addas will suddenly emerge close to home.
So, start a conversation by the swimming pool. Let it rest for a while at the floating pavilion. And then flip a coin.
First to decide if you want to catch the late night movie at the open-air theatre. And then to settle all debates about whether it should be a barbeque night or café delight.

Every game
deserves a fair
playing field.

You never know which way the wind blows. Precisely why, the shuttle and the multipurpose court are positioned over the camouflaged car park, in a wind neutral area.
The zone for camp fires, picnic points, mazes and seating by the lily pool add to the beauty and serenity of the environment.

The hunt for the
perfect car park
stops here.

There is enough space designated for car parking.
You will notice the cars only if you look closely as the central green landscape blends seamlessly into the camouflaged car parks that add another band of green to it.

Picture a bustling
bazaar, without
the chaos.

Why should shopping mean pushing people around or shouting? A row of shops along one end of Grand One recreates the magic of shopping fun without the usual hassles. The eateries are a welcome break from daily shopping and the aroma from the food court is enough to draw you. Though the shopping arcade is easily accessible to outsiders, the design plan and the security system will ensure that strangers cannot go beyond it.

Grand Griha

Openness and transparency are built into every apartment. So, open the doors and windows to the southern winds that flow through the towers, open your eyes to the beauty of the central greens and the view of the water body that flows along the towers. Breathe easy.

Type 1.    3 BHK    1119.7 sq.ft.
Type 2.    2 BHK    827.2 sq.ft.
Type 3.    2 BHK    827.2 sq.ft.
Type 4.    1 BHK    469.5 sq.ft.
Type 5.    3 BHK    1119.7 sq.ft.
Type 6.    2 BHK    827.2 sq.ft.
Type 7.    2 BHK    827.2 sq.ft.

No place too big or too small.

You will no longer be worrying about what to put in the corner that's too small for a table and too big for your fridge. Space optimization is one of the defining features of every flat. No open ducts in the kitchen and toilets being the other.

TYPICAL (3 BHK) 1119.7 sq.ft.

NO. TYPE SIZE (feet)
1 LIVING/DINING 10' 0'' X 17' 10''
2 BEDROOM 10' 11'' X 9' 9''
3 BEDROOM 10' 1'' X 12' 10'’
4 BEDROOM 9' 11'' X 11' 4''
5 TOILET 7' 8'' X 3' 11''
6 TOILET 4' 10'' X 9' 6''
7 KITCHEN 8'4'' X 5' 11''
8 BALCONY 3' 3'' wide

Base Price: `29.67 lakh

Now, only Mr. Moon will steal upon you.

Remember the times when your neighbour knew exactly what was cooking at your place. Or when you would find him staring right into your living room? Say goodbye to all that because not one of these flats look into the other.

TYPICAL (2 BHK) 827.2 sq.ft.

NO. TYPE SIZE (feet)
1 LIVING/DINING 9' 11'' X 16' 4''
2 BEDROOM 10' 1'' X 9' 11''
3 BEDROOM 10' 1'' X 9' 9''
4 TOILET 3' 10'' X 6' 5''
5 TOILET 4' 11'' X 6' 11''
6 KITCHEN 8' 2'' X 5' 11''
7 BALCONY 3' 2'' wide

Base Price: `21.92 lakh

Whistling winds will play with your hair.

As the wind whistles through the apartment and the myna sings at the window one thing is certain, you will never again feel confined.

TYPICAL (1 BHK) 469.5 sq.ft.

NO. TYPE SIZE (feet)
1 LIVING/DINING 10' 4'' X 10' 9''
2 BEDROOM 10' 4'' X 10' 2'’
3 TOILET 4' 11'' X 6' 11'’
4 TOILET 4' 8'' X 3' 3''
5 KITCHEN 5' 1'' X 6' 10''
6 BALCONY 5' 1'' wide

Base Price: `12.44 lakh

Grand One - Project Specifications

Structure Sub-Structure - RCC Pile Foundation
Super Structure - RCC Frames
Masonry Brick or Lightweight Concrete / Fly Ash Blocks in Cement Mortar
Plastering Cement Mortar
Painting Internal Wall - PoP Punning with coats of Primer
Internal Ceiling - Cement based paint
External Wall & Ceiling - Cement based paint
On Metal Surfaces - Enamel paint
Tiling ? on Floors* Units - Living, Dining, Bedrooms - Vitrified Tiles - 600x600mm
Units - Kitchen, Balcony & Service - Vitrified Tiles - Antiskid Type - 600x600mm
Units - Toilets - Ceramic Tiles - Antiskid Type - 300x300mm
Common Area Passages (Typical Floors) - Ceramic Tiles - 400x400mm
Stairs & Other Locations - Cement flooring
Ground Floor Common Facilities - Cement flooring
Tiling - on Walls Units - Kitchen - Up to 2'0? from Cooking Platform - Ceramic Tiles - 450x300mm
Units - Toilets - Up to 7'0? from floor - Ceramic Tiles - 450x300mm
Lift fascia at Lobby (Few Select locations) - Granite
Kitchen Counter
Granite table top

Plumbing Water Supply, Drainage & Sewage - PVC pipes or equivalent
Hot water provision only to shower, with a wall mixer in toilet
Sewage line - Stoneware or equivalent
Sanitary Water Closets - White colour - EWC - Reputed brand
Wash Basins - White colour - Reputed brand
Fixtures - CP - Reputed brand
Kitchen Sink - Stainless steel - Single bowl - Reputed brand
Joinery Entrance Door frame - Hard wood
Other Door Frames - Hard wood or equivalent
Entrance Door Shutter - Solid Core flush with Ply and
varnished Toilet Door Shutters - PVC shutters
Balcony Doors - Aluminium Swing
Other Door Shutters - Black board with Common Ply and painted
Windows - Aluminium sliding shutters
Ventilators - Aluminium frame with Glass louvres
Handrail MS grills with enamel painted
Electrical Fittings - Reputed brand
Wiring - Reputed brand
Power Backup Backup Power through DG (Limited) Lift
2 Nos per tower - Reputed brand - One 10 pax and Other 15 pax

* Colour, Texture and Design of Tiling works might vary on actual conditions compared to Brochure & Model apartment details.

Grand One - Project Specifications

Common Utilities & Services Power Distribution Network
Central Water Storage & Supply System
Sewage Collection & Disposal System
Garbage Collection & Disposal System
Fire Fighting System
Rain Water Harvesting System
Solar Lighting System (Select Locations)
Backup Power through DG (Limited)
Ground Level Common Facilities Entry Plaza & Lounge
Vertical Transport - Lifts & Staircases
Electrical Meter Room
Fire Control Room
Security Room
LT Panel Room
Maintenance cum Store Room
Communication Hub Room
Community Hall with Pantry
Toilets for Ladies & Gents
Complex Entrance Gates
Security Booth
Compound Wall
Ground Level Common Amenities Parking Spaces for Residents
Parking Spaces for Visitors

Driveways & Walkways
Traffic Signages
Joggers' Track
Bicycle Track
Courtyard with Seating
Basic Facilities for People with Special Needs
Neighbourhood Shopping Zone Departmental Store
Shops for Day-to-day Needs
Restaurant & Cafeteria
Spa & Saloon
Bank & ATM
Ambulance Parking Space
Central Green Zone Party Lawn & Dining
Space for Public Gathering
Amphitheatre with Performance Space
Senior Citizens' Relaxing Area
Children's Play Area
Shuttle Court
Multipurpose Court
Skating Rink
Palm Avenue
Barbeque and Outdoor Dining Area
Family Cabana & Deck
Sculpture Zone
Maze Garden

Dry Garden
Topiary Garden
Theme Garden
Gravel Walk
General Seating
Special Seating for Privacy
Special Seating for Family
Clubhouse Complex Banquet Space with Guest Rooms,Kitchen & Toilets
Grand Lounge
Yoga & Meditation Centre
Kids' Indoor Play Area
Games Room
Billiards & Snooker Room
Chess & Cards Room
Adda Zone
Library & Reading Room
Mini Theatre
Karaoke Room
Long Swimming Pool with Screen Wall
Ladies􀁏 Pool - Privacy
Kids' Pool - Safety
Changing Room
Poolside Sitting Lounges
Toilets for Ladies & Gents
First Aid Centre

Land Area 15.04 Acres
General Arrangement 8 Clusters
24 Towers (3 Towers / Cluster)
G + 14 Floor Levels
7 Units per Floor Level (1 No - 1 BHK, 4 Nos - 2 BHK & 2 Nos - 3 BHK)
Building Footprint: 26.39%
Building Height: 45.0 Meters
Total No. of Units 2,343 Nos.
Total Saleable Area 2,013,656 sft.
Area Efficiency(Total) Plinth Area / Saleable Area: 78.61%
Product Mix - Typology; No. of Units; Saleable Area I BHK: 335 Nos; 469.5 sq.ft.
2 BHK: 1340 Nos; 827.2 sq.ft.
3 BHK: 668 Nos; 1119.7 sq.ft.

Car Parking Spaces For Residents Usage: 1761 Nos
For Visitors & Other Usage: 77 Nos
Some Spaces Covered with Concrete Roof & Some Spaces Covered with Plastic Roof
Internal Roads Primary: 6.00 meter Wide
Secondary: 4.50 meter Wide
Entry / Exit 4 Gates (2 Entry & 2 Exit)

Clubhouse, Banquet & Swimming Pool Complex Area: 28,823 sft.
Levels: Two Main Levels and two
Mezzanine Levels Location: At Cluster Number 8

Common Utilities & Services Electrical Substations
Water Treatment Plant (Based on Source)
Sewage Treatment Plant (Based on Disposal)
Garbage Disposal System
Fire Stations
Storm Water Drainage
Rainwater Harvesting System
Solar Lighting System (Select Locations)
Communication Networks (Basic Infrastructure)
Security System (Basic Feature)
Public Addressing System (Basic Feature)

Common Facilities Access Roads
Pedestrian Walkways
Roadside Parks
Sports Arena
Central Park
Water Bodies
Landscape & Hardscape Features
Public Assembly Area
Township Entrance Gates
Security Booths
Compound Wall or Fencing

Common Amenities School
Mall & Shopping Centre
Convention Centre
Commercial Centre
Cultural Centre
Recreational Facilities
Parking Spaces for Visitors
Bus Services
Ambulance Services
Postal Services

Grand Luck

Are you lucky enough to get a home within Shriram Grand City? Of course, you are! Get yourself an application kit for apartments in Grand One, its first phase.

Experience a world, wrapped in greenery with the convenience of a market, school and hospital within walking distance, that provides a lifestyle which is truly smart and beyond! Come to us at

Grand One in Shriram Grand City.

Designed by A K Swamy

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“The brochure is purely conceptual and not a legal offering. The images are imaginary and the specifications and details mentioned in this brochure are tentative and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the company.